Opening of the “La Villa de la Croix” guest rooms in the Champagne region, a new life begins!

Anne-Lise Royer / Post on 19 January 2021

After spending several decades in senior positions in the Industry, we wanted to change our life and open a guest house. We matured this choice during our summer vacation 2020. We fell in love with the Villa de la Croix and understood from our first visit at the end of August that this house would be our future guest house. After many adventures related to this exceptional health context, we will finally be able to open in a few months and we are very excited!

We will be doing everything we can so that you enjoy your stay with us. We promise you relaxation, conviviality and lots of gourmet moments !

In this first article, we would like to warmly thank all the people who supported us on this wonderful project : our families, our friends, our accountant (Franck Baillot and his team), the consulting company we worked with (Guest & Strategy), our bank (Crédit Agricole) and our two guardian angels who will recognize themselves : Franck and Eric. We do not want to forget the former owners of la Villa de la Croix, Agnès and Dan, who kindly shared their experience with us ; we won’t forget them.

A big thanks to all of you and we are looking forward to starting the adventure!

See you soon in Champagne,

Anne-Lise and Philippe

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